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Are you working a ridiculous amount of hours each week, yet no closer getting customers to buy your wigs?

Does content and marketing overwhelm you?

Are you struggling to get new sales?

Not sure what to work on next in your wig business?

Tired of potential customers telling you your prices are “too much”?


Time to make some changes TODAY!

Often times as business owners we:

  • Spend time-fighting fires (accountability and time management)
  •  Struggle to build and retain a trusted team 
  •  Feel overloaded with stress and aggravation 
  •  Don’t grow customers and revenue
  •  Lack a healthy work-life balance
  •  Run your business with blind spots without a business plan

Almost every business owner feels this way at some point. (I once did too.)

And we often think that “working harder” is the answer

Yet all that does is dig you in even deeper. It may have worked in the beginning, but as any good entrepreneur knows… sometimes you need to bring in an expert.

Benefits of working with me 

Learn From the Best

A wig business coach has been in your shoes and knows what it takes to get you started- the right way! Consider me your secret weapon – someone to give you advice, hold you accountable, and answer any questions you have about the road ahead.With my resources and programs, you can set goals and outline paths to achieve them.

Level Up Your Company

You’ve started on your entrepreneur journey. Now, a wig business coach who has been in your shoes and understands what it’s like to transform a dream into a world-class company can help elevate your efforts. Our wig business resources & programs can guide you to achieve extraordinary results.

Creating Systems & Strategies

Part of growing a business is knowing when you need to make a change to get where you want to go. When you work with a wig business coach with a proven methodology that drives results, you’ll transform your business and set it up for BIG success.

Hey, I’m Tee. I'm a Wig  Business Coach.

I wasn't always a business coach. First, I launched my 6 figure wig business. Now, I help entrepreneurs start, scale, and lead in their wig businesses 

Our mission at Stylish Boss Academy is to help as many entrepreneur as possible grow and scale their wig business. We hope to inspire you to change your life and your business so you can live the life you desire while doing what you love.
Everything we teach in the courses are based on our real-world experiences, selling wigs to hundreds of customers all around the world and learning the business side of wig making ( because there's more to having a wig business than making wigs). We’ll only teach you things we know to be successful, and that you can implement in your business!


Read my success story!

What do you need to be a successful online entrepreneur?


You need the right information & for the stage of Entrepreneurship you’re on, for the challenges you’re facing and for the type of growth you’re desiring. One size DOESN’T fit all.



You need help that across the entire business with & mentorship and coaching & to help you evolve and grow the 6 pillars of building a successful business.


You need & the right strategy & that makes sense for who you are, your own set of unfair advantages, your alignment, skill set and life experiences.



Being lonely as an Entrepreneur is unfortunately normal. We believe that this can be completely changed, allowing you to feel connected in your journey.



Most Entrepreneurs can’t hit the next level because their are a series of mindset blocks that create massive issues for being able to grow revenue, profit and to be able to level-up as an Entrepreneur.

Here's what other bosses just like you are saying....


Kayla Smith 

Tee, I admire you so so much! Thank you for everything and I wish you nothing but success in your business as it expands! I’ll be taking notes from the sides lines! I appreciate you being so real and straight to the point with me cause it’s helping me to really map out what I should be doing vs what I thought was working & wasnt! I hope to be where you are some day but I know it takes time so I’m ready to ride.  

Perita Numa

I love how Tee is with you every step of the way. She wants to see you win. She is very knowledgeable and takes her time to answer any questions. She provides any necessary feedback and gives it to you uncut. I love her and satisfied with being a part of the program. It doesn't end here!


Tee!!! Where do I start? I just want to say that I am so grateful I found you on YouTube and took a chance when I saw you were having a mentoring program. I learned so much in your program that I will use for the rest of my career. You were very open, honest, and so patient with us every week. Everyone needs a mentor in their life for different things, and I'm glad to say that I have you as my mentor for life lol. 

Kendole Miles

I am elated to have invested in this course. Tee doesn't hold back knowledge and will share whatever she has to help in our business. I'm so grateful to have ran across her and for her to be such a AMAZING LEADER Speaks Volume!! With her as your guide, you WILL BE SUCCESSFUL OKKK!!


Tee's mentoring program is perfect to gain clarity and focus if you stuck on where to go in your business. Now only does she give you a thorough audit but she also give you steps to grow your business as well. The insights, the tips, the advice, and secrets, you name it tee got it! Thanks tee so much for helping me grow!!!!!

Andrea Issacs

This mentor program was by far the best for my first time taking a leap of faith and investment into my business and i must say it was excellent. I learn so much, was very detailed and informative. Tee is an excellent teacher and mentor; if you want to take your business to next level this is the program for you.

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